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Bathroom Renovation Hawthorn

Bathroom Renovation Hawthorn

Transform Your Bathroom with Expert Bathroom Renovation Services

Bathrooms are one of the highly used rooms in the home where you spend time relaxing and pampering yourself. It’s no wonder that you want it to feel and look as lavish as possible. If you’re considering for the bathroom renovation in Hawthorn, THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES is the most renowned and trusted bathroom renovators in Hawthorn.

A bathroom is an important part of your property and it needs to be maintained in the best condition. Bathroom renovation from THINK PINK HANDYMAN SERVICES is a step towards helping you transform bathroom space and make it more appealing and useful. Our bathroom renovation Hawthorn services are suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

Having years of experience in this suburb, we know bathroom renovation in Hawthorn requires careful planning, research and design. The whole bathroom renovation project can take about 6 to 8 weeks.

We understand that the Bathroom Renovation is an investment in your home value, comfort and luxury, thus at THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES, we offer bathroom renovation service that excels in building lavish, durable and modern bathrooms. We guarantee you to provide excellent quality workmanship and on-time completion of the project at the amount that won’t break your bank.

Our aim is to make bathroom renovations as long lasting and luxurious as possible while delivering high-quality bathroom renovation and restoration services. Our team is known for its innovation and creativity. From designing to construction to final finish, you will surely be benefitted from their expertise in every aspect. We’ll work with you closely to help you create the perfect bathroom that you have always dreamed of and that too within your budget.

Having years of experience in this suburb, we know bathroom renovation in Hawthorn requires careful planning, research and design. The whole bathroom renovation project can take about 6 to 8 weeks.

So, allow us enough time for:

  • Developing the design
  • Selecting the fittings and materials
  • Contacting companies to get a range of quotes

You can address many issues or renovations with your bathroom remodelling project in Hawthorn, like:

  • Any amount of structural work
  • Moving plumbing and electrical elements
  • Having large amount of tiles to lay
  • Unforeseen events like discovering asbestos in the wall or floor cavity

Bathroom Remodelling Hawthorn:

Using our expert bathroom remodelling Hawthorn services, any space can be completely renovated and transformed. There are a number of areas which are worked upon.

Bathroom Renovation Hawthorn:

Bathroom renovations will generally require working with sinks, countertops, cabinets, bathtubs, showers, toilets, lighting, mirrors, walls, flooring and other areas.

Bathroom facelift Hawthorn:

A bathroom facelift Hawthorn service will be suitable for making the bathroom space more luxurious and stylish. There are a number of wonderful ideas which can help you achieve your preferred look, like:

  • Adding new fixtures
  • Adding a window
  • Decorating with wallpaper
  • Applying high gloss paint
  • Using an alluring paint colour
  • Other changes

Our bathroom renovation Melbourne service generally includes a team of experts, working on a number of projects, including:

  • Bathroom Builders: For managing the complete project and coordinating with sub-contractors.
  • Architects: Help with designing the floor as per your expectations.
  • Electricians: Install power points, lighting, heating, ventilation and much more.
  • Painters: Paint areas not covered by tiles or other elements, preferably with a moisture resistant paint.
  • Plumbers: Very crucial for a project, as they are really the ones that install and repair fixtures, repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems and related appliances.
  • Other Technicians: Technicians like waterproofing specialists using sealants and membranes to make sure that the bathroom is completely sealed.
  • Tiling: Tiling, where it all starts to come together. Our meticulous tilers will carefully lay the tiles to perfection!
  • Cabinetry/Carpenter: Our specialist carpenter is required to install cabinet inside the bathroom.

Large bathroom Renovations:

Property owners might be interested in large bathroom renovations in Hawthorn to enhance the look of their property further. These large bathroom renovations Hawthorn services are quite suitable for work on large-scale properties.

Small Bathroom Renovation Hawthorn

Want to upgrade your Small Bathroom?

No matter how small your bathroom is; THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES can make it look stunning. With our professional small bathroom renovation in Hawthorn, we ensure that the job is completed on time and within budget. Our team will work and assist you with the progress you require including bathroom design, product recommendations, installations and much more. We’ll assure that during the process there is a minimum disruption to your home. Whether it’s a bathroom repair, installing new tapware, re-tiling or complete renovations, we provide high-quality bathroom renovation service that suits bests to your needs.

Small bathroom renovations in Hawthorn will surely be beneficial for small sized property owners. Small bathroom renovations Hawthorn generally will involve lower costs, but nonetheless, need expert skilled manpower.

Our services can be personalized to meet your specific renovation requirements. Our dedication and continuous effort have helped us serve all our clients in the best possible manner. Providing excellent workmanship is a part of our culture and we never compromise on quality.

You will find that our technicians and experts are highly skilled, and we offer our services at quite affordable rates. We follow all safety guidelines and work as per Australian standards. In case of any queries, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

The new bathroom space will be something which you will be completely satisfied with. If you wish to know more about our expert bathroom renovation Hawthorn services

Your new and luxurious bathroom is just a call away! For reliable, affordable and long lasting bathroom renovation service in Hawthorn, give us a call on 0498 256 987

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