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Plaster Repairs


House painting is one of the most important jobs of any homeowner. It requires no small amount of skill and professionalism and no company understands that better than THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES. There are many reasons why a house would need a new coat of paint. Peeling, alligatoring, blistering, wrinkling and chalking are just some of them. Before any kind of paint job is started, it’s important that a thorough inspection of the area is done. This is followed by scraping off of the defective paint, sanding, priming, and if necessary, re-priming.

Fencing Contractors

Fencing & Paving

There are many precautions to remember before any holes are dug around houses or commercial establishments. One of them concerns the location of gas pipes, water pipes and utility cables. You wouldn’t want to pay for hefty fines when you accidentally hit one of them. Another precaution is to use only the correct tools and machinery to get the job done. This is to avoid unnecessary delays and accidents. Whatever reason you have for digging holes, it’s always best to have a professional around to ensure that it’s done properly and in the least amount of time possible.


Furniture Assembly

A lot of people think that furniture removal can be done by just about anyone. But when it comes to handling priceless paintings and valuable antiques, hiring a skilled handyman might just be the best thing you can do for yourself, especially if you’re running on a tight schedule. THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES provides an honest team of furniture removal experts who will help you pack, ship, and unload everything to and from your home or office.

Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

Picture and Mirror Hanging

Have you found the perfect picture or artwork for your living room or office show room? Need someone to hang it for you? THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES! A properly hung picture, mirror or artwork should not move at the slightest touch or on its own. To avoid accidents, the correct fixings must be used based on the picture or mirror’s weight and size. To avoid damage to your walls, the right tools must be used like stud finders and drills.

Door Installation

Door / Doorknob Installation

Hanging a new door is no job for an amateur. Front doors are usually solid therefore they require a strong person to handle and hang them properly. The size of the rebate depends on the thickness of the door and choosing the correct one spells the difference between having a safe home or office and an unsafe one. There are many reasons why a new doorknob is needed. The old one could be loose, so much so that it spins on its handle. Another reason could be that it has started to pull away from the door, compromising your home or office’s security and the safety of those inside it.

plaster repairs Melbourne

Plaster Repairs

Damage to an existing wall? Perhaps a little scuff muck or an accidental hole in the wall? We can make it look all new again and fast! Even entire walls are no problem for the THINKPINK HANDYMAN SERVICES team, enquire today for a speedy response to your plaster woes.

Exterior Painting Melbourne

Small Home Renovations

Many people don’t like fixing their deck because of the backbreaking work that it entails. Aside from that, it also takes so much time, which a lot of us simply don’t have. Fixing decks usually involves replacing cracked or rotten boards as well as painting and oiling wood surfaces to restore them to their original look.

Handyman Service

All Around Home Repair

Different houses and offices need different kinds of repair work. Just because a house or a commercial establishment is small doesn’t mean it will require less upkeep. What’s important is that each repair is done properly and skillfully to prevent the damage from spreading to other areas.

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Door Installation Melbourne
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